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I have been acquainted with Mr Tim Lowe for nearly a decade now and have observed with interest, his meteoric rise from mere millionaire to multi-millionaire in that time. I subscribed to his newsletter, Tim’s Lowe Down – which has now been published as a book – probably 5 or 6 years ago and have found his emails very useful indeed in my quest to escape the ‘rat race’ 🙂
As we cross the half-way point of 2015, you are probably reflecting on how the last 6 months went; whether your resolutions are on track to be met by year’s end and what adjustments or steps to take to speed things up if they’ve not turned out as planned so far.
With Tim’s written consent, I have reproduced one of his newsletters here which I found quite intriguing.
Hello Sotonye,
I’m sure many of you will remember a couple of months or so ago I mentioned that Lee-Stuart Evans, the chap at the helm of my financial products had the slightly disturbing hobby of running distances far above and beyond the call of common sense – and at the weekend he was at it again…

He was taking a ‘brisk wander’ along the North Downs, named by the organizers as ‘The Omen’ and rather predictably given the name, run over the small matter of 66.6 miles… and despite what you or I might think – Lee was far from being alone at the starting line.

About a third of the way in, as they were getting toward the end of the ‘first marathon’ Lee and a compatriot found themselves in first and second place, and whilst Lee was perfectly happy with the pace – his friend wanted to ‘push on’ and gently disappeared over the horizon…

It turned out he wasn’t the only one thinking it was all a bit easy early on, so over the next half hour or so Lee was overtaken by nearly the entire remainder of the field – and at this point I think most of us would probably tried to ‘up’ the pace too… as we would perceive it as ‘bad form’ to be left behind – well, that or thinking
‘what’s the point’ and giving up altogether…

Lee, however, kept on at what he himself would describe as ‘snail’s pace’ and soon came upon some poor chap who he vaguely recognized as someone who had sailed past him earlier on, but now had not only hit what runners describe as ‘the wall’ but looked like he had fallen down several flights of stairs as well…

Now, I think at this point, some of us might have been sorely tempted to say something along the lines of ‘I told you so’ and carried on – but Lee decided to help this guy and coach, encourage and cajole him on over the rest of the race and (being as the race length was some 20hrs) on through the night.

They crossed the line with 6 minutes of the 20 hrs to spare, and strangely enough Lee, who had been 2nd 40 odd miles before, overtaken by just about everybody except the chap he stopped to help… was still 2nd . Only his friend who had upped the pace had finished in front of him… all those that had whizzed past him wishing not to be left behind had dropped out and not finished at all.

The obvious lesson here is to pace yourself – and this works just as well if you’re wanting to do something as sensible as build an online business or something as daft as run 66 miles up and down hills for almost an entire day.

There will inevitably be people faster out of the blocks than you -maybe they have more experience, more money or more time on their hands, or might be just plain better at it than you are. That is no reason to overstretch yourself to keep up with them, or to see it as something already lost and lose heart and give up.

I’ve seen many people get off to a flying start – only to throw all their toys out of the pram the first time things don’t go their way… and I’ve seen people overstretch themselves to the point that they are mentally and financially exhausted before they see any benefits of their efforts.

The key is to do things at your own pace – for some it will be plain sailing – that’s just the way of it – but for the majority it’s just a case of keeping at it & plugging away… and just like Lee you might be pleasantly surprised with where you finish…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe


I hope you found it useful; keep on keeping on.

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