Live the Dream 7, 37 Day Challenge (Day 6)

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Hi, hello

Sotonye once again and this is day 6 of my 37-day challenge and what I wanted to talk about today was the concept of kaizen – it’s a Japanese word that means continuous improvement – so essentially, improving on what you’ve achieved previously you know; it sort of works like compound interest if you like and a good example to understand what kaizen is all about is: if you had a hundred dollars – you invested a hundred dollars today and you wanted to find out how long it’ll take to double, you would realize that that’s going to happen in about 70 days time.

So a hundred dollars invested today at one percent – so the percentage will be one percent  – that would double in 70 days time. So bringing that now to your business now; if you improved every day by 1%  – let’s say you could quantify that improvement in percentage terms, so you’re going to have a one percent improvement every single day – it means that, essentially your business would double in 70 days time, so all the things you do – you set out to do every single day you say, right, I’ve done this yesterday these are the things I did yesterday I want to improve on every single item on my list – on my daily list by 1% and watch what happens to your business in 70 days time, your business empire will double.

So that’s the same way you should look at the things you do to grow your business; the skills that you acquire; you want to improve every single day.

Ok and why I’m shooting this series of videos and the way i’m shooting them is to be able to reach out to the vast majority of people who do not have fancy cameras; most people have phones these days so most people can shoot videos; I’m shooting this video on my phone! So you don’t have any excuse really – in the 21st century – not to utilize video marketing to move your business to the next level okay, so that’s the reason why I’m shooting these videos the way I’m shooting them; that’s the reason why I’m practicing what I’ve been preaching about over the last few days, okay.

To say you can go from where you are to where you need to be, but you need to be focused; you need to say “right if i carry on doing what I did yesterday the same way, that I’m going to be in the same place tomorrow…” you know “…I’m not going to improve”. Hence you you can see that the camera isn’t moving about like it was in the previous videos.

The phone is somewhere now just mounted on something – some contraption which I will not go into here, but the thing is that the phone is there, steady the video production is steady.

The frame or the camera isn’t moving up and down like it was in the previous videos. Ok, there are times for such videos; when you’re sitting on a bike or you’re walking you know: but I just wanted to demonstrate that that’s not the important thing. The important thing is to improve… from day to day. Don’t be afraid… I was just listening to a motivational video a few minutes ago… Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; don’t let fear cripple you – I did mention that in one of my previous videos as well, because, honestly I have been there before: you want to make everything perfect from the word “go” and then that cripples you. You start thinking. “Oh, I haven’t got the right equipment, I haven’t got the right lighting…” Is that the most important thing? The most important thing is that you’re providing value for the next person who’s watching; for the tens or hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands who would eventually come to watch your video.

You know, it’s a way of also branding yourself, okay, when you share information, you share the knowledge that you have gained from experience from life to other  people, they tend to look up to you because they’ll say “… this guy has a point you know; I can relate to this guy; I can relate to this lady you know; she’s been there done that and there’s something I can learn from her”.

Ok so you should also look at your business like that; the fact that you want to help people to get to the next level in their lives whether its financial independence or whatever it is I want to achieve in the life, you want to take people along with you to the next level.

Okay, so this is day six of my 37-day challenge and to remind you guys what that’s all about. I have challenged myself to make a three figure income by the thirty-seventh day, so that’s 21 days from today; today is the 12th of July yeah, the 12 july 2016 okay. This video will be posted on the 13th of July because I already have my previous video posted on the 12th which was this morning… early this morning.

Okay so I’ve gone over five minutes already 🙂 So that’s mainly what I wanted to talk about today – the fact that you shouldn’t be afraid to go out there and start doing something to generate money.

Start doing something. this is one of the things I’m going to be doing to generate money for my business – shoot videos – focus on just a few things  – shoot videos because that’s the way – the best way to relate to other people. People can relate to videos; it’s easier for people to watch a 10, 15, or 30 minute video than want to read a blog that long. Let me explain it this way: if all I’m saying now is transcribed – is written down into words – it’s less likely that people are going to take the time to read through; it’s more likely that they are going to listen to you. So that’s essentially what I’m saying right; my apologies for the interruption… that phone call okay 🙂

I shall see you on the next video; this is Sotonye Afiesimama, signing off.

This is going to be posted on my blog and on my YouTube channel.
My blog is at sotonye.com. I shall see you tomorrow which would be a day 7 of my 37 day challenge

Take care of yourselves and bye for now.

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