How to Strategise for Your D-Day

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Today 6.6.14 marked the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landings which constituted a turning point in history.

I recently heard the story today of one of these heroes who went missing from a care home in England and surfaced in Normandy with his medals for the D-Day celebrations! A rapturous applause awaited him on his return. In France; a school bus full of kids saying ” ‘merci’, ‘merci’ ” (‘thank you’, ‘thank you’) to a group of war veterans as they rode past them. They were a few tears.

The men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today should be applauded for their bravery in the face of tyranny. For those who lived to tell the tale, I say a heartfelt “thank you”. You are the reason we enjoy the freedoms we have today. You probably had no clue how your sacrifice would change the course of history for the better. All you had to do was fight for a cause you believed in; you are exemplars for the rest of us. Merci beaucoup. 

My Thoughts on How to Strategise for Your D-Day.

I was intrigued at the precision planning for 06.06.44 and how if the Normandy Landings had not happened that day, we just might be living in a completely different world – very likely an oppressive regime. Just think about this for a minute…

Think about how your inaction could change the course of your history and the fate of generations of those unborn. A little error today, could lead to disaster at some point in the future; but that error can be averted. Positive action beats inaction any time. Think about having to build a wall 100 metres long from point A to point B. If you’re just half a centimetre off for every metre of wall built, your wall will be off point B by 50cm! Now imagine if that wall was the foundation wall for a skyscraper; what do you think will have to happen? But that’s not the worst that can happen.

If you observe the lives of successful people worldwide, you’ll discover that they have two things in common: they are doers and resilient; it goes without saying that to be resilient, you have to get things done or at least try to – continually.

Our heroes at Normandy had to be resilient

to overcome the huge unforseen challenges that came their way; the weather forecast didn’t turn out as predicted but they carried on regardless.

How to strategise for your D-Day? Plan on how to get that wall from point A to point B, and get started. You may have to bring the wall down a few times because I can almost guarantee that if you haven’t built a wall before, you won’t get it to point B on your first try; but at least you’d have built a wall, and one day – after more than a few knocked-down walls – and a lot of experience wall-building, you’ll finally get it right and that experience will never, ever leave you. That’s one skill mastered. That’s success!

Your most important strategy: simply getting started 🙂

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