How to Create a Quantum Leap in Your MLM Business

Posted by SOTONYE AFIESIMAMA on December 1, 2012 in Attraction marketing, Personal Development |

Quantum LeapOne of the quantum leaps you can make in your network marketing business right away is by hanging out with people who earn a lot more money than you do. There is a saying that your income is the average income of your 5 closest friends. When you hang out with high flyers, you get to know what they’re about and what drives them. This doesn’t necessarily mean being with them physically all the time, but simply availing yourself of all their books, training and so on.

To build a profitable business fast, stop trying to get your current team to take action. Find other people who are ready to do it now. It’s much, much easier to buy another horse than try to resurrect a dead one. Lead by example by staying in personal production mode; not management mode. Management mode can be very draining and can lead to a high attrition rate. Lead by example by staying in personal production mode, and your team will copy your example.

That’s not to say you should not be available to your team whenever they need your support; but beware of those who are too needy. Train your team to stand on their two feet. We have to realise that we cannot desire success for our team members more than they want for themselves.

You also need to focus on doing one or two marketing strategies extremely well. There are so many marketing strategies you could utilize, like Pay Per Click, YouTube, article marketing, social media syndication, newspaper ads – the list is almost endless – which if used all at once – could cripple your mlm business even before you start.

Give yourself about 90 days and you’ll see the results coming in. As you carry on focusing like a laser beam on one or two strategies, you’ll find out that you’ll get better and soon start seeing results which now puts enough money in your pocket for you to outsource the repetitious and boring tasks. At this point, you’ll get your time back and an income that will continue to increase. Now’s the time to tackle a couple more strategies.

Remember that working a lot harder is not going to produce that quantum leap that you so desire in your network marketing business. Thinking differently and working smarter will produce those results. Most of us have been trained to believe that working a lot harder will produce the massive results we want. This is just not so; yes your results will improve, but not dramatically. Your quantum leap can only happen when you think and do things differently. So, if your results are not where you want them to be from the strategy you’ve adopted, why not do things differently? Don’t let your ego hold you back.

Your quantum leap is also going to come from your heart. Be passionate; success should be effortless but doesn’t mean that you won’t have those ‘head-scratching’ moments. You should have a sense of joy and peace in what you are doing. Like I said earlier, go hang out with people that are getting the results that you are soo hungry for. It is possible to get to where you want to be from where you are right now in a very short time if you truly believe it can be done. The power lies in your heart. Others have achieved massive success in mlm, so can you!

Yes you can!

Thanks for reading.

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