Four Skills that will Determine Your Success as a Network Marketer

Posted by SOTONYE AFIESIMAMA on November 3, 2012 in Attraction marketing, Personal Development |

As network marketers, it is very important that we acquire the necessary skill set to enable us achieve results in our network marketing business.

One of the things you should be studying and developing in your business as a network marketer is influence. What is influence? Well, influence is not manipulation, which is a not a good thing. It is a tool which can be used for good or bad, just like money. Influence is trying to connect with people on an emotional level enough for them to be motivated to make the change from their current situation to a more desirable situation.

These are the four main principles to mastering influence in your network marketing business:

(i) You need to learn how to build rapor with your prospects on an emotional level and assisting them or motivating them to make a change. It doesn’t matter what vehicle you’re utilizing in communicating with your prospect. They need to know that you are like them; there has to be a mutual interest and you also need to reassure them that you have their interest at heart or else you will not be able to make a sale. Most people stay where they are because the pain they’re going through isn’t big enough to make that change. We don’t want to allow our prospects get to that point of desperation. Listen to your prospects. This is very important because most people are not good listeners. If you master this skill, you’re more likely to win them over. We all need to know that our concerns are being addressed, just like your prospect.

(ii) Know your market. One of the best ways to know your market is by being your market. Is there an experience that you have gone through and can utilize to connect with your prospect on an emotional level? Utilize this and you have a much greater chance of success.

(iii) Ask the right questions. Asking questions and listening to your prospects allows you dig deeper and make a connection on an emotional level. People are motivated to buy products or services for two main reasons; to escape pain or to gain pleasure. If you’re making a video, are you asking questions rather than showing them the features of your products? Remember, they don’t really care; they want to know if you care.

(iv) Congruency. This is critical to sealing the deal. Everything you do has to be in alignment with your beliefs. Do you really believe in what you’re trying to sell to your prospect? Are you 100% certain that you have the solution to their problems? If you do not really believe in your product or service, do not expect your prospect to. Your whole body language has to be that of confidence and certainty which will be picked up by your prospect. It doesn’t matter whether this is face to face or over the phone.

It is interesting that some of the people who succeed in this industry do so entirely because of their level of belief. They had very little skill but succeed anyway. Call it ‘ignorance on fire’ if you like, but it produces amazing results. Those who are better trained but without the necessary level of belief tend not to do as well.

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