A Billionaire’s Advice on Mindset

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Groucho-MarxFamous comedian Groucho Marx (above) once said — “Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.”

He wasn’t joking.

Given my own experience, I’d not only agree with him, but take it a step further and say that, besides freeing you up from things you dislike doing, money frees you up to do what you love.

So let me ask you this, what would you love doing if you had, say, a billion dollars?

Lay around on your favorite beaches of the world sipping margaritas? Charter a plane to New York or London for dinner? Buy an island in the Caribbean?

Naturally…what all billionaires do, right? Well, actually, no…

Not Oprah, anyway. She got busy and started her own cable television network. Oh, that’s easy for her, you might be thinking.

She’s been in television forever, she’s already mega-successful, and she’s rich.

No big deal. she could probably do it with her eyes closed.

So imagine my surprise when I heard her say in an interview that she almost had a nervous breakdown from the stress of taking on the CEO role, something she hadn’t planned on and, in fact, resisted.

She talked about how hard it was to constantly read or hear the media describe OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) as “struggling.”

She said, “Every time I opened a paper, there was that word – struggling. Not a word I like to have associated with my name, nor a space that I really choose to be in personally, emotionally or spiritually…. So really, inside myself became the desire to literally change the narrative – more important than anything was to change the narrative.” Imagine that – a billionaire working on her mindset!

Yep, even after all the years of abundant success, fame and money, she still has to focus on transformation because, as she said, “You can’t let the outside world – be it your mother, sister, cousin, friends, whomever, and for me, the media – define the space that you’re in.

You’ve got to do that for yourself.” So just in case you were thinking there was some magic amount of money that would allow you to just sail on and coast…

Think again.

No one’s immune from the chilling effects that things “out there” can have on the mind – things like the economy, the government, the stock market, the news, friends, family, co-workers…

They never go away.

You have to stay vigilantly conscious and aware. Like Oprah, you have to choose something different – “change the narrative” and create a new story for yourself, a new conversation. And sometimes you need support. According to Oprah, she didn’t do it by herself. She sought out mentors, people who could help her to see things differently, to see what was possible. That’s the power of having access to the right people and the right tools. Transformation doesn’t have to take forever – it can happen in one fell swoop.

With a system and some mentoring, you’re never too rich, too successful, or, for that matter, too old to do more…become more…have more.

Have a fantastic day!

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Sotonye Afiesimama is passionate about personal development; he also trades stocks and shares, is an internet marketer, multi-instrumentalist, and graphic designer. In 1995, his artwork of a Combine Harvester was shortlisted to be included in a United Nations publication to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Sotonye has now helped 100s of business owners from around the world utilize attraction marketing principles to build their businesses

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